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Amendment to MARPOL; Effect on 1 Jan 2013

Annex IV - Sewage
Baltic Sea becomes "Special Area"

Annex V - Garbage
Baltic Sea becomes "Special Area"

Coming into force: 1 January 2013

The MEPC adopted amendments to MARPOL Annex IV Prevention of pollution by sewage from ships to include the possibility of establishing “Special Areas” for the prevention of such pollution from passenger ships and to designate the Baltic Sea as a Special Area under this Annex. The amendments are expected to enter into force on 1 January 2013.

The MEPC adopted the revised MARPOL Annex V Regulations for the prevention of pollution by garbage from ships. The main changes include the updating of definitions; the inclusion of a new requirement specifying that discharge of all garbage into the sea is prohibited, except as expressly provided otherwise (the discharges permitted in certain circumstances include food wastes, cargo residues and water used for washing deck and external surfaces containing cleaning agents or additives which are not harmful to the marine environment); expansion of the requirements for placards and garbage management plans to fixed and floating platforms engaged in exploration and exploitation of the sea-bed; and the addition of discharge requirements covering animal carcasses.